A marketplace of choice for patients.

Omni CRS reaches an untapped patient population – people previously unaware of clinical trials. This gives you a head start on achieving your last patient in (LPI).

Patient Education

Lack of awareness is the biggest challenge to enrolling patients in clinical trials. The average person doesn’t even know that enrollment opportunities exist with only around 4% of the population participating in a clinical research. Omni CRS helps potential participants understand the benefits and choices they have and how to get started.


Our technology continuously identifies interested patients and engages them with an easy online introduction. Interested patients respond to our ads and then complete a short online health profile. Our technology immediately goes to work identifying studies enrolling in their general vicinity that match any health conditions that they’ve reported. When appropriate studies are identified, we call the patient, confirm the information already provided online, and proceed to screen them for multiple studies at once using IRB-approved questionnaires.

Better leads

Even after a patient is referred to a site, our concierge team stays in touch with them, providing additional support and appointment reminders. Leveraging our relationship with patients has proven to deliver enrollment rates two to five times higher than other vendors.