Who We Are

OMNI Clinical Research Solutions (CRS) is a specialized team that partners with drug, pharmaceutical, device research sponsors, as well as medical care organizations, to provide patient recruitment & patient education services for clinical trials.

Our Process

We understand recruitment for clinical trials poses various challenges for Sponsors. Through well-defined, transparent processes, OMNI CRS is the effective recruitment solution to address those challenges and help you solve your need for a targeted set of patients for your clinical trial.

  • Study Requirements: We take the necessary time and effort to fully understand the study protocol & requirements
  • Multivariant Screener: Our screener is built to filter out unqualified, duplicate, and nonresponsive users
  • Targeted Audience: Our advertising strategies are optimized to align with the distinct demands of each study and protocol
  • Responsive Patients: Our patient-education-centric approach results in the most responsive and qualified patients

New or Existing Studies

Whether sponsors and CROs are launching a new clinical trial or managing an ongoing trial with a low enrollment rate, OMNI CRS has a proven record of bringing qualified, engaged referrals to fill your recruitment needs.

With our extensive experience in performance-based acquisition and strong understanding the difficulties involved with recruiting qualified trial participants, OMNI CRS was created to expressly meet these needs.

  • Robust & responsive internal consumer database of clinical research participants
  • Supplemented with digital marketing to accelerate recruitment targets
  • AI-based participant matching with the best-fit clinical trial
  • Over 500,000 referrals have been matched to research trials

Trusted by Leading-Edge Clinical Research Organizations

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Over 100

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Qualified Referrals Delivered



20 Million

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