Services We Provide

With a team of industry veterans, OMNI CRS understands the challenges of patient recruitment and provides responsive, engaged referrals & leads that fit the demographic targeting and parameters of your research study.

OMNI CRS offers a range of services to the Clinical Trial & Patient Recruitment Industry – including; leveraging our proprietary OMNI CRS patient database and global affiliate partner network; patient education and down-funnel KPI optimization; and custom study screener site development – built to deliver relevant, educated, and engaged referrals that fit your recruitment requirements.

Participant Recruitment

Recruiting patients for clinical trials poses various challenges, including limited awareness of trial opportunities in their area, eligibility criteria, financial constraints, and participation expectations.  Mistrust of the medical system are additional factors that can hinder participation, particularly among marginalized communities. OMNI CRS includes effective recruitment strategies to address these challenges and helps connect you with a well-targeted set of patients for your clinical trial.

Diversity & Inclusion

We understand the importance of diversity & inclusion in clinical trials – as well as the impact on the accuracy and generalizability of study results. That’s why we are committed to recruiting diverse patient populations to ensure that your study results are reliable and applicable to the broader population. Our team is dedicated to finding responsive and engaged referrals that fit the demographic scope and parameters of your study.

Patient Education

At OMNI CRS, we understand many potential clinical trial participants may not understand the clinical trial process. We provide education and resource materials to help patients understand what a clinical trial is, how to participate, and what to expect. Our goal is to help the patient feel comfortable, engaged, and informed.

Screener Development

We understand that not all clinical trial sponsors have the resources or expertise to create an online screener page to filter potential study participants. OMNI CRS offers customizable initial screener pages that provide clear expectations to the patient and bring in referrals that fit the study brief and desired cohorts.