OMNI Helps CRO Recruit for Unique Conditions


Timeframe: 9 Months

Results: ~75,000 Engaged Patients successfully recruited for over 50 studies

Client Feedback: OMNI demonstrated its ability to recruit for a wide variety of ailments and generated an accretive year-over-year budget from Sponsors.

OMNI allowed the CRO to engage consistently with patients to fulfill its clinical study needs while also adhering to a strict budget and down-funnel KPI performance objectives.

Case Study: OMNI CRS Creates Breakthrough in Patient Recruitment Diversity for a Prominent Clinical Research Organization


Clinical research studies require diverse participant pools to ensure the efficacy and safety of treatments across different demographic groups. A leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO) faced a significant challenge in recruiting a diverse range of participants for its studies. OMNI CRS, an innovative patient recruitment affiliate marketing network, partnered with the CRO to address this challenge and successfully enhance the diversity of participants in its clinical research studies.

Client Profile:

Client: Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Challenge: Insufficient diversity in the participant options, hindering the validity and applicability of research findings. Objective: To recruit a diverse range of participants for various clinical research studies, ensuring different ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic representations.


The CRO recognized the critical importance of diversity in clinical research but struggled to attract participants from diverse backgrounds. Its existing recruitment methods were not effectively reaching underrepresented communities, leading to a lack of diversity in its studies and potentially biased research outcomes.

OMNI’s Solution:

  1. Lead Generation and Patient Analysis: OMNI utilized advanced lead generation techniques and patient analysis capabilities to identify and target specific demographic groups. By understanding the unique needs of the CRO, OMNI tailored its strategies to attract a diverse range of participants.
  2. Targeted Ad Campaigns: OMNI designed targeted online advertising campaigns based on demographic factors such as location, age, ethnicity, and interests. These campaigns were optimized to reach specific demographic groups, ensuring that the message reached those who were historically underrepresented in clinical research.
  3. Comprehensive Compliance and Transparency: OMNI upheld industry-leading standards in compliance and transparency. Rigorous adherence to regulations built trust with participants and ensured ethical conduct, enhancing the reputation of the CRO and the studies they conducted.
  4. Patient Education and Informed Consent: OMNI developed detailed patient education materials, empowering participants with comprehensive knowledge about the studies, qualifications, and procedures. Informed patients were more likely to provide quality referrals, leading to an abundance of consents and increased diversity.


  1. Diverse Participant Recruitment: OMNI successfully recruited more than 300,000 engaged participants from various backgrounds, meeting the CRO’s diversity objectives and ensuring representation across demographics.
  2. Enhanced Research Validity: By diversifying the participant pool, the CRO’s studies became more representative of the population, enhancing the validity and generalizability of research findings. This ensured that the results could be applied to a broader range of patients in real-world scenarios.
  3. Elevated Consent Rates: The patient education initiatives significantly improved the quality of referrals and enhanced consent rates. Well-informed participants were more likely to consent, resulting in a higher number of qualified and willing participants.
  4. Improved Research Outcomes: With enhanced diversity, the CRO observed more nuanced and accurate outcomes in its studies. Researchers could analyze data across different demographic groups, leading to a better understanding of treatment effectiveness and potential disparities in healthcare outcomes.
  5. Continued Partnership: OMNI’s consistent success and understanding of the CRO’s needs ensured a continued partnership. Its ability to adapt to evolving challenges and deliver exceptional results made them an indispensable ally in the CRO’s clinical research endeavors.


OMNI’s strategic and culturally sensitive approach to affiliate marketing played a critical role in enhancing the diversity of participants in the Clinical Research Organization’s studies. By addressing the unique needs and concerns of underrepresented communities, OMNI successfully bridged the gap between clinical research and diverse populations. This not only contributed to the credibility of research findings but also fostered inclusivity and trust within communities, ultimately advancing the field of clinical research and healthcare for all. OMNI’s efforts serve as a model for promoting diversity and inclusion in clinical trials through innovative affiliate marketing strategies.