CRO Increases Patient Diversity Through OMNI Network


Timeframe: 4 Years

Results: ~300,000 Engaged - Qualified patients generated for over 200 studies

Client Feedback: OMNI CRS continues to be the preferred partner for Affiliate-Channel recruitment.

The prominent CRO encountered obstacles in recruiting qualified patients to meet their trials objectives. Omni’s lead generation and patient profiling capabilities were the solution.

Case Study: Clinical Research Organization Achieve Success in Recruiting Patients with Rare Conditions Through Partnership with OMNI CRS


Recruiting patients with unique conditions for clinical research studies presents a distinctive challenge in the medical field. A Clinical Research Organization (CRO) specializing in rare diseases faced this daunting task until they partnered with OMNI CRS, an expert patient recruitment affiliate marketing network. OMNI’s innovative strategies and targeted approach successfully connected the CRO with patients suffering from rare and unique conditions, facilitating groundbreaking research in these underexplored medical areas.

Client Profile:

Client: Clinical Research Organization (CRO) specializing in rare diseases Challenge: Difficulty in finding patients to participate in specific clinical research studies. Objective: To identify and recruit qualified patients with unique conditions, ensuring the successful implementation of clinical trials focused on these areas.


The CRO specialized struggled to find patients with certain afflictions due to their low prevalence. Traditional recruitment methods proved ineffective, leading to delays in research timelines and hindering the development of therapies for these uncommon diseases.

OMNI’s Solution:

  1. Lead Generation and Patient Analysis: OMNI’s advanced lead generation techniques and patient analysis capabilities allowed the CRO to target specific demographics effectively. By understanding the unique needs of the CRO, OMNI tailored its strategies to attract patients with rare diseases, ensuring a diverse participant pool.
  2. Targeted Online Communities: OMNI conducted extensive research to identify online communities, forums, and social media groups where patients and caregivers of individuals with rare diseases congregated. By engaging with these communities, OMNI established trust and credibility, encouraging patients to participate in research studies.
  3. Patient Advocacy Groups: OMNI partnered with patient advocacy groups related to specific diseases. These organizations helped OMNI reach out to its networks, ensuring that information about clinical research opportunities reached patients and families affected by rare conditions.
  4. Compliance and Transparency: OMNI maintained industry-leading standards in compliance and transparency, ensuring ethical conduct in all recruitment efforts. This adherence to regulations built trust with participants, enhancing the CRO’s reputation and increasing participant confidence.
  5. Patient Education and Informed Consent: OMNI developed comprehensive patient education materials, empowering participants with detailed knowledge about the studies, qualifications, and procedures. Well-informed patients were more likely to provide quality referrals, leading to an abundance of consents and more diversity.
  6. Unique Indications and Comprehensive Experience: OMNI’s expansive network and comprehensive experience allowed them to target uncommon indications that no other partner or resource could achieve. Its ability to recruit for a wide variety of ailments demonstrated its versatility and effectiveness in addressing diverse research needs.


  1. Increased Patient Participation: OMNI successfully recruited more than 75,000 engaged participants with rare and unique diseases, forming diverse and representative study cohorts across 50 studies.
  2. Exceptional Down Funnel Metrics: OMNI’s down funnel consent and randomization rates set new industry benchmarks. Its strategic approach ensured high conversion rates at each stage of the recruitment process, leading to an efficient and effective study population.
  3. Budget Optimization and Year-over-Year Growth: OMNI not only adhered to the budget constraints but also generated an accretive year-over-year budget from the sponsors. Its cost-effective strategies allowed the CRO to allocate resources efficiently.
  4. Unparalleled Targeting and Engagement: OMNI’s ability to target unique indications and engage effectively with patients demonstrated its leading expertise. The CRO benefited from a diverse and responsive participant database, enhancing the overall quality of its studies.
  5. Accelerated Research Timelines: With a steady influx of qualified participants, the CRO experienced faster research timelines. Studies progressed smoothly, enabling researchers to gather essential data and insights quicker than ever before.
  6. Scientific Advancements: The collaborative efforts between OMNI and the CRO resulted in significant scientific advancements. Findings from these studies contributed to a better understanding of rare diseases, leading to the development of targeted therapies and improved patient outcomes.


OMNI’s strategic and empathetic approach to affiliate marketing played a pivotal role in connecting the Clinical Research Organization with patients suffering from rare diseases. By fostering trust, providing education, and leveraging the expertise of healthcare professionals, OMNI matched more patients to the right research opportunities. The partnership not only accelerated the pace of research but also offered hope and potential solutions to individuals and families grappling with these rare conditions. OMNI’s efforts exemplify the transformative impact of tailored affiliate marketing strategies in advancing research and healthcare solutions for patients with uncommon diseases.