OMNI Partnership Enables CRO to Recruit at Scale


Timeframe: 1 Year

Results: ~240,000 Engaged Participants

Client Feedback: With OMNI’s capabilities, the client surpassed its Sponsor’s KPIs and maximized its partner network investments.

OMNI assists Startup CRO establish its presence in the marketplace through scaling recruitment efforts while maximizing their budget and providing better-than-average KPI results.

Case Study: Clinical Research Organization Recruits Qualified Patients at Immense Scale Through OMNI CRS Network


In the highly competitive landscape of clinical research, finding enough qualified patients for research studies is a challenging task. A prominent Clinical Research Organization (CRO) faced this challenge until they partnered with OMNI, a leading patient recruitment affiliate marketing network. OMNI’s innovative strategies and targeted approach helped the CRO overcome its patient recruitment hurdles and achieve remarkable success.

Client Profile:

Client: Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Challenge: Difficulty in recruiting a sufficient number of qualified patients for various clinical research studies. Objective: To increase the number of qualified patients participating in its studies and enhance the efficiency of its patient recruitment process.


The CRO had a range of ongoing clinical research studies that required specific participant profiles. Traditional recruitment methods were proving to be inefficient and time-consuming, leading to delays in study timelines and increased costs.

OMNI’s Approach:

  1. An Elite Media Team: OMNI deployed a best-in-class media team equipped with advanced techniques to locate safe and high-quality traffic sources. This meticulous approach ensured that the participants recruited were not only numerous but also of the highest quality, meeting the CRO’s stringent criteria.
  2. Compliance and Transparency: OMNI ensured that all recruitment efforts adhered to industry regulations and ethical standards. This commitment to integrity not only built trust with participants but also streamlined the recruitment process, making it more efficient and reliable.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: OMNI established partnerships with niche-specific affiliate marketers, medical bloggers, and healthcare-related websites. These partnerships enabled OMNI to tap into existing communities interested in healthcare, ensuring a more receptive audience for its campaigns.
  4. Patient Education: OMNI developed comprehensive patient education materials, ensuring that participants were fully informed about the studies, qualifications, and all aspects of their involvement. Informed patients were more likely to participate, leading to higher quality referrals and an abundance of consents.
  5. Understanding CRO’s Challenges: OMNI took the time to understand the unique challenges and needs of the CRO. By aligning its strategies with the CRO’s objectives, they crafted tailored recruitment campaigns that addressed specific patient demographics and medical conditions, optimizing the recruitment process for maximum efficiency.


  1. Exceeding KPI Goals: OMNI’s tailored strategies not only met but exceeded the CRO’s KPI goals. The recruitment efforts produced participants at scale and delivered exceptional participant responsiveness, compliance, and consent rates.
  2. 240,000+ Engaged Participants: OMNI successfully recruited more than 240,000 engaged participants within a single year, surpassing the CRO’s ambitious recruitment target. The participants were not only numerous but also diverse, contributing to the overall success of various clinical research studies.
  3. Positive Patient Feedback: Patients and caregivers appreciated the transparent communication and support provided by OMNI. The positive experience encouraged participants to refer others within their communities, enhancing interest in future studies.
  4. Exceptional Down Funnel Consent and Randomization Rates: OMNI outperformed the CRO’s internal marketing efforts by providing down funnel consent and randomization rates that surpassed expectations. Its targeted methodology and expertise in patient profiling ensured that the participants recruited were not only numerous but also highly responsive, resulting in a robust participant pool.
  5. Well-Informed Patients: OMNI’s emphasis on patient education had a profound impact on the quality of referrals. Well-informed participants were more likely to consent, leading to a higher number of qualified participants who were fully aware of their role in the studies.


OMNI’s exceptional expertise in affiliate marketing, compliance, and patient education transformed the patient recruitment landscape for the Clinical Research Organization. By understanding the challenges, tailoring strategies, ensuring compliance, and prioritizing patient education, OMNI not only met the ambitious recruitment goals but exceeded them. The partnership delivered quantity but also ensured the highest quality of participants, driving the success of the CRO’s clinical research studies. OMNI’s commitment to understanding the unique needs of the CRO, coupled with its expertise in compliance, transparency, and patient education, makes them a pivotal force in the advancement of medical research.