Who We Are

Omni Clinical Research Solutions (CRS) is a specialized team that partners with drug, pharmaceutical, device research sponsors, as well as medical care organizations, to provide patient recruitment & patient education services for clinical trials.

Our Process

We understand recruitment for clinical trials poses various challenges for Sponsors. Through well-defined, transparent processes, Omni CRS is the effective recruitment solution to address those challenges and help you solve your need for a targeted set of patients for your clinical trial.

  • Study Requirements: We take the necessary time and effort to fully understand the study protocol & requirements
  • Multivariant Screener: Our screener is built to filter out unqualified, duplicate, and nonresponsive users
  • Targeted Audience: Our advertising strategies are optimized to align with the distinct demands of each study and protocol
  • Responsive Patients: Our patient-education-centric approach results in the most responsive and qualified patients

New or Existing Studies

Whether sponsors and CROs are launching a new clinical trial or managing an ongoing trial with a low enrollment rate, Omni CRS has a proven record of bringing qualified, engaged referrals to fill your recruitment needs.

With our extensive experience in performance-based acquisition and strong understanding the difficulties involved with recruiting qualified trial participants, Omni CRS was created to expressly meet these needs.

  • Robust & responsive internal consumer database of clinical research participants
  • Supplemented with digital marketing to accelerate recruitment targets
  • AI-based participant matching with the best-fit clinical trial
  • Over 500,000 referrals have been matched to research trials

Case Studies

Case Studies
CRO Increases Patient Diversity Through OMNI Network

A CRO faced a significant hurdle in recruiting a diverse range of participants for its studies. OMNI CRS partnered with the CRO to address this challenge and successfully enhance the diversity of participants in its clinical research studies.

Timeframe: 4 Years

Results: ~300,000 Engaged - Qualified patients generated for over 200 studies

Client Feedback: OMNI CRS continues to be the preferred partner for Affiliate-Channel recruitment.

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Case Studies
OMNI Helps CRO Recruit for Unique Conditions

Recruiting for rare diseases presents a distinctive challenge for CROs. OMNI successfully matched patients suffering from unique conditions, facilitating groundbreaking research in underexplored medical areas.

Timeframe: 9 Months

Results: ~75,000 Engaged Patients successfully recruited for over 50 studies

Client Feedback: OMNI demonstrated its ability to recruit for a wide variety of ailments and generated an accretive year-over-year budget from Sponsors.

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Case Studies
OMNI Partnership Enables CRO to Recruit at Scale

Finding enough qualified patients for research studies is a daunting task. OMNI’s innovative strategies and targeted approach helped the CRO overcome its patient recruitment hurdles and achieve remarkable success.

Timeframe: 1 Year

Results: ~240,000 Engaged Participants

Client Feedback: With OMNI’s capabilities, the client surpassed its Sponsor’s KPIs and maximized its partner network investments.

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What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials look to uncover the causes and treatment methods regarding various medical conditions and diseases. The typical goals of a trial can include understanding prevention, early detection and/or treatment methods. Introductory drugs and combinations of current drugs, or medical procedures may be involved, while ensuring these are safe and effective for humans. Ultimately, these studies help researchers to discover better treatments and offer hope to improving the quality of life for individuals with acute or chronic conditions.

Why do individuals participate in clinical trials?

Participation in clinical trials can be for various personal reasons. In many instances, participating individuals are looking to access leading-edge research and treatment methods for conditions that they experience. Other individuals simply want to assist with the identifications and cures so they or a family member may benefit in the future.

What are the benefits from participation in a clinical trial?

Benefits are specific to the individual involved. The common reported benefits are access to specialists, care, and leading-edge treatment innovations.